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The Page of TheRidGE

TheRidGE is the internet nickname of Cliff Church (B. 3/3/85 D. Not Yet) Also tends to go by The oRidGEinal, and I am The RidGE.

TheRidGE on Scorehero

TheRidGE found out about scorehero during his time on Guitar Hero II(PS2). He had beaten the game (as in, passed Freebird), and was looking to get some more mileage from the game. His friend, ItsTheTino, told him about "this place that has directions on how to put custom songs in the game", and sent a link. TheRidGE, being naturally quiet, stalked a bit, and slowly found out about the community, before posting his first post, which was mostly mis-informed, and therefore, got bashed. He then continued to learn about using forums, and slowly became a good, mostly quiet, member of the community.

Since, TheRidGE has learned to use the Manage Scores system, and has scores listed for Guitar Hero II(PS2 and 360), Guitar Hero: Rocks The 80's, Guitar Hero III(360), Rock Band(360), and Rock Band 2(360). He can be found on the Rock Band side of scorehero mostly, making appearances in the Misc. Gaming Discussion and General Chat regions of the main forum. He still wants to visit the IRC chat more often.

TheRidGE's Rock Band/Guitar Hero abilities

TheRidGE is adequate at guitar, 5-starring most songs (short Six, Jordan, and Through the Fire and Flames. Maybe a few others) and getting a few notable FC's (ie. Jessica). At best, he was ranked in the top 1000 on Guitar Hero II's 360 leaderboards.

The drums of Rock Band (and soon Guitar Hero IV) are not TheRidGE's friend. He has passed Medium, and is about half way through Hard. He enjoys it, but is, admittedly, not great at them.

On the other hand, TheRidGE loves vocals. While still not the best, is better at vocals than at guitar. He is also looking to join a tournament-ready team as a vocalist (hint, hint).

TheRidGE outside Scorehero

TheRidGE is currently (as of 10/14) renting a house with a few friends, after living at home for 23 years. More as he gets acquainted with his surroundings.

TheRidGE is out of college, without a degree, but doesn't need much to get his associates degree. In fact, his laziness has gotten the best of him, because all he would need to do is fill out the graduation request form, and pay the fee, and he'd have his degree. TheRidGE truly is lazy.

He enjoys singing, even without pitch tubes, and it seems people end to enjoy his voice. In either 2005 or 2006, TheRidGE actually tried out for American Idol. He planned on using the song "I'll Be" by Edwin McCain. In case you don't know how the process works, the first day of auditions is the last time everyone from the region is in the same room. They set up about a dozen or so "booths" where 2-3 show-related people sit to listen to auditions. People approach in groups of 4, and are told to sing their 10 seconds or so of their song, before they ask the next person to go. They then tell most the people that they aren't wanted to appear on the show, and they walk away. Very few are asked to return a second day, I assume for background checks, character building sort of stuff, and just getting the legal paperwork done. A month or two later, they actually do their audition in front of "the judges". Back to the story, while waiting for his turn to sing, the one guy in the row in front of him sang the exact same song, only perceived as better by TheRidGE, and he didn't make it. Even without opening his voice, TheRidGE knew all hope was lost. TheRidGE does intend to audition once more, this time using some Meat Loaf song.

TheRidGE currently works in food service, in a local Panera Bread. He is currently an associate trainer of almost five years, and looking to get a promotion soon, as in after the holiday season. This may be where that lack of a college degree comes to bite him in his ass. Usually, he is the guy in the back who cleans the dishes. While not the most appealing job to some, TheRidGE sees it as a more rrelaxing job where you do not interact with customers as much, and he can play his music all day.


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