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Quick bit of history:

I started with gh1, was on hard within a day, expert within a week.

moved on to gh2, eventually getting the log over spring break in 2007 =P

later, that summer 5-starred jordan and six

gh3 the following october. 5 starred everything on the first day except for ttfaf, which I got 5 days later.

Also, for gh3, I'm probably the best person with 35 fcs. I'm not saying that in a gloating way either, I'm just terrible at getting fcs. I'm too clumsy.

rb/rb2: REEALLY got into drums. This led me to buying my own drum set. it's a yoki dd908. It's very inexpensive, but good enough for my needs.

ghwt: currently 1st place on wii for drums. kind of stopped playing gh guitar though.

best accomplishments:

-ttfaf 791k
-jordan 438k
-surfing with the alien first to 300k. my first 1st place. (was first for like a month, and I only worked on that song for a day.)
-5 stars on every gh song... period.
-third person to fc victory solo k (nobody even freaking knows though.)
-(probably) the first person to fc vsk 5 times in a row =P
-first to fc solo 1a on surfing with the alien

drums accomplishments:

-gs on wgfa, 5 stars on rtth.
-900k on pull me under
-gs painkiller, ALMOST gs panic attack (plus, I've fc'd every section in panic attack [INCLUDING THE BRIDGE SECTIONS], so that's a plus.)
-gs constant motion
-545k on anything (it's called "anything", for those who don't know.)

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