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Name: Jacob

Age: 18

Birthdate: 01/24

Hometown: Houston, Texas

when i went to school......stupid 3D glasses didnt do anything.....text

how i got started

I began playing Guitar Hero around the time when it came out. I had to wait a few months but i finally got it. When I first turned it on, I grabbed a pick and started playing and basically lost streak after every 5 notes. The Strum bar kicked back every time and extra strummed. My sisters were doing better than me and they were playing with their thumbs. Thats where i saw an increase in skill and immediately went to medium. When Guitar Hero 2 came out, I was so extremely ticked off by what the first game had taught me. (nothing) So i just disowned it for a while and kept on with GH2. I found it EXTREMELY difficult to include my pinky in any difficulty i played on. I found my ring finger hitting the yellow and blue notes. When I realized that I was getting nowhere, I decided to move to hard and play with three fingers. 1 day later I turned to the expert difficulty getting 4* on most of the songs. I started teaching my friend Jeremy (alcoheed) how to play and we both found ourselves playing on Co-Op very quickly. One day he calls me up and says to go to this really cool website where we could insert scores and compare ourselves to other amazing players. Once I made my profile and spent a few days browsing the helpful forums, I saw a sudden increase in my skill. I started alt strumming and popping SP with my select button. I owe all of this success to Scorehero and alcoheed. Thank you everyone!

Guitar Hero II (PS2)
Total Score16,735,394

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