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If you've ever gone into a stream, chances are you've seen erock. He is the "annoying spammer" everyone loves to hate. Although his claim to fame is in streams, he is also a very talented player on GH. His favorite game is GH2 and his best FC is Free Bird. Although erock mainly plays GH2, he still finds time for the other games, but does not own GH:A or either RB's. He owns a Wii and hopes to one day buy a 360.

Personal Life

erock, also known as "Eric Stil" lives in south eastern Massachusetts and is 14 years old. He is one fo the most talented musicians on the south shore, playing trombone, drums and guitar. He owns an Ibanez RG5EX1 guitar and plays almost everyday. Although he loves to play guitar, he plays trombone first, and hopes to go to berrklee school of music.

erock Also hates GH3

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