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I play Guitar Hero on the Wii as opposed to most players who play on the PS2 or Xbox 360. I am ranked pretty high on all Guitar Hero games for the Wii. My best at the moment is Rock Band 2 because I have been playing that more due to it's systematic rape of all Guitar Hero games.

First Almost Easy FC on Wii

Ustream: User Name: fludstud09, stream link - I ty to stream a couple of times a week. Mostly it is just me screwing around talking to the people in the chat while playing, but ever now and then I will really be going for an FC.

Youtube: Link to my page I post too many videos on youtube LAWL. DON'T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE!!!!!!!!

Here are some of my best accomplisments on video:

Scorehero: User Name: fludstud09, so yeah, I play on the Wii, but I now have every plastar game except Rock Band 1. I am goin to be updating my scores from the PS2 games have after I get done playing Rock Band 2 for the next wek or so. Iam going to start updating this more, so keep checkin' back.

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