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Moo Cow Jr

ScoreHero Username:

About Me:
Hi, my name is Travis and I am from Newfoundland, Canada. I enjoy playing GH/ Xbox
games in general. I also like playing Reeltar, various sports, and riding my ATV. My perferred
GH difficulty is Expert. My favorite band is Led Zeppelin. I play Guitar Hero somewhat Casually,
somewhat seriously, and most of the FC's I have, I haven't really worked hard to get. Anyway;

GH/RB Games I Own:

Favorite GH Songs
-Slash Guitar Battle
-We Three Kings
-Carry on Wayward Son
-Dream On
-Sweet Emotion
-Cult of Personality
-My Name is Jonas
-Crazy Train
-Hot For Teacher

Other Games I Play:
-Halo 3
-Duke Nukem 3D
-Roller Coaster Tycoon

Things I Hate
-Spawn Killing
-People who always pick Before I Forget On XBL
-Angry people on motorcycles (Long Story)
-Getting Rick Roll'd

FC's: (Expert)

Can't you hear me Knockin

-Slow Ride
-Missippi Queen
-My Name is Jonas
-Talk Dirty to me
-Metal Heavy Lady
-Story of my Life
-Bulls on Parade

-Dream On

-What I've Done
-Eye of the Tiger
-The One I Love
-Obstacle 1


Side Notes
-I saw Hellashes FC Jordan for the first time LIVE :D
-I started playing GH on Christmas 2007

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