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I'm new to this wiki thing so don't get mad if it looks like I shit all over your monitor.

General Guitar Hero stuff

Played GH1 in a Best Buy in Arizona in February 2006. I tried Iron Man on easy and I failed. Didn't think much of it.

Cut to July of that year, I go to a birthday party for my dad's great aunt. Her grandson had GH1 and he played on expert. I tried it there and liked it a lot. My birthday was the next month so I got GH1. Started on easy, went up to medium and did that for a while. Got bored of it and stopped playing. I started seeing quackadilly's videos around December which resparked my interest. I picked the game back up and started hard. I got GH2 in January and was playing expert by March.

I found ScoreHero that same month, I think I saw it mentioned in a comment on one of quackadilly's videos. Signed up and I lurk to this day. I don't post often, for no real reason.

I've never taken the time to learn how to squeeze or use star power paths, or even strive for FCs, so you won't see me too high in the leaderboards. I might give that stuff a shot though.

Lately Rock Band 2 has been consuming my soul, I'd get GH:WT but I don't even want it anymore.

I did get the Log and El Jefe a while back, though I've stopped playing GH3.

Scores, Accomplishments and that kind of shit

I haven't been keeping track of scores in a while, but I've been thinking of starting again.

Miscellaneous crap

Age: 17
Favorite band: Metallica, Nirvana
Favorite songs in games:Battery, Hangar 18, Misirlou, Raining Blood, The Way it Ends, Painkiller, Thrasher, Ride the Lightning, Blackened, AJFA
Guitar controllers broken: 7

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