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How it all Began
In the summer of 2007 i went to my friends beach house. He had just purchased Guitar Hero II for the Xbox 360. He was pretty good (lolno), he could play medium. I jumped on expert thinking it would be easy as hell... i failed 6 percent through Surrender. I moved down to easy and ended up getting him the "Long Road Ahead" achievement, which required me to fail a song on easy lol. I then got Guitar Hero III as a Christmas present later that year. I beat easy in one day, the following day i beat medium and five-starred easy. It took me until late January to five-star medium. I beat hard at the end of March. I beat expert at the end of April. I 5-starred hard and got the Inhuman Achievement in the same day sometime in June. At this time I was considered the best Guitar Hero player in my school.

I am now considered the best GH player in my town. My favorite GH game is GH1. I love the challenge it provides and i feel that it has the best songs of all the GH games.
I have 20 FCs and my favorite song to play is GR2R... i have fced the whole intro twice only to miss later before the solo, i mostly play GH1 but i wanna start on other GH games eventually.

GH1 FC List:
1. I Love Rock n Roll
2. I Wanna Be Sedated
3. Infected
4. Hey
5. Stellar
6. Killer Queen
7. Callout
8. Hey You
9. Fat Lip
10. Behind the Mask
11. Sail Your Ship By
12. Even Rats
13. More Than a Feeling
14. Higher Ground
15. Eureka I've Found Love
16. Story of My Love
17. Unsung
18. Sharp Dressed Man
19. Take Me Out
20. Cavemen Rejoice
21. The Breaking Wheel
22. Heart Full of Black

Songs I Need To Redo For Better Score:
Fat Lip (nub star power)
Sail Your Ship By
More Than a Feeling
Even Rats (need to get last wammy)

My FC Breakdown of the Remaining FCs:
Iron Man
Smoke on the Water
Thunder Kiss 65
Farewell Myth
Take it off
Ziggy Stardust
Guitar Hero
Ace of Spades
No One Knows
You Got Another Thing Comin
All of This
Fly on the Wall
Graveyard Shift
Spanish Castle Magic
Cheat on the Church
Symphony of Destruction
Cowboys From Hell
Texas Flood
Get Ready 2 Rokk
Bark at the Moon
Fire it Up

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