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Joined Scorehero June 08, 2008


Guitar Hero

I bought this game in October 2008 and basically only played through it to beat all the songs, but i'm playing it more now

[ ] 4 Star Everything
[ ] 5 Star Everything
[ ] FC something
[ ] 5 FCs
[X] Top 2000 -- 10/6/08
[ ] Top 1000

FCs -- none :(

Guitar Hero 2

Just got this game in October 2008 and am loving it, (at least now that i'm somewhat used to the HO/POs

[ ] 5 star everything -- Six, and Misrlou left
[X] Pass Jordan -- 10/3/08 2nd day of owning the game
[X] FC a song -- Heart Shaped Box Sightread FC
[X] 5 FCs -- last was Radium eyes 10/05/08
[ ] 10 FCs
[ ] Top 3000 PS2
[X] Top 4000 Overall -- 10/6008

FCs -- Heart Shaped Box, Parasite, Mr. Fix It, Soy Bomb

Guitar Hero Encore: Rock the 80s

Had this game for a while but had never bothered with high scores and whatnot until recently when a gamestop worker gave me this instead of GH2, reminding me that i need to play my copy more.

[ ] 4 Star everything -- Seventeen, Play With Me, and Caught in a Mosh left (Granted these were basically sightreads)
[ ] 5 Star everything -- Above songs as well as Radar Love, Wrathchild, Electric Eye, Aint Nothin' But a Good Time, Police Truck, Because Its Midnight, and I Wanna Rock (Again most of these were sightreads
[ ] FC something -- I'm gonna get Hold On Loosely because I love that song
[ ] 5 FCs

FCs -- none :(

Guitar Hero 3

I got this game in November of 2007 if i remember and it was (and still is, i guess) my bread and butter in terms of scores.

[ ] 5 star Through the Fire and Flames -- 540k/566k
[ ] get 90% on Through the Fire and Flames -- Best was 89% =/
[X] 35 FCs -- 9/29/08 ItBoaS
[ ] 40 FCs -- FC #39 Cherub Rock -- In Love/I'm in the Band Do-able
[X] Top 400 PS2 -- 10/8/08
[X] Top 300 PS2 -- 10/14/08
[ ] Top 100 PS2
[X] Top 1200 Global -- 10/9/08
[X] Top 1000 Global -- 10/11/08
[ ] Top 500 Global

FCs -- 3's & 7's, Anarchy in the UK, Avalancha, Bulls on Parade, Can't Be Saved, Cherub Rock, Cities on Flame With Rock and Roll, Closer, Even Flow, Generation Rock, Go That Far, Hier Kommt Alex, Hit Me With Your Best Shot, In the Belly of a Shark, La Grange, Lay Down, Mauvais Garcon, Metal Heavy Lady, Minus Celsius, Miss Murder, Mississippi Queen, My Name Is Jonas, Paint It Black, Paranoid, Prayer of the Refugee, Radio Song, Reptillia, Ruby, Sabatoge, Same Old Song and Dance, School's Out, She Bangs the Drums, Slow Ride, Story of My Life, Sunshine of Your Love, Talk Dirty To Me, The Metal, Welcome to the Jungle, and When You Were Young

Information about me:

I'm a "Guitar Hero" on the Forums, post-wise
My Accomplishments thread
I'm 18 right now my birthday is August 14th
I was born and raised in New Jersey
I am Going to College an Lee University in Tennessee as a music ed. major, it is a christian school
I am thus a christian
I own a PS2, but will most likely be getting a 360 by Christmas
I swear I'm gonna beat Majora's mask one day -- I Beat it, finally had the willpower to finish it
I am a singer -- Thus the "Tenors"rule2008
I spend way too much time on Wikis No one will Read...Why do i do it?

Quotes -- From Sigs Past, Present, and Future

IHeartBN wrote:
You have the dreaded carpal tunnel. Look on the bright side, at least it's not AIDS.

iSlak wrote:
I've been trying to start writing lyrics lately, only every time I try, I seem to get blocked up, and I can't think of what I want to say. Are there any techniques to help get your "juices flowing?"
Jordanpwnsme wrote:
Why yes there are but I'm not sure if we're allowed to discuss them here.

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