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(Not So) Personal Info
  1. Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock - Hard
  2. Guitar Hero 2 - Hard
  3. Guitar Hero: Aerosmith - Hard


This page acts to provide the history of user "thebmw". Mainly this will consist of past achievements. However, in time, it will grow to include media files, such as custom songs in Guitar Hero: World Tour and pictures of past accomplishments, as well as other bits of data and information. As of right now, this wikipage consists of 3 section. If you wish, read on or use the glossary section to reach where you wish to be.

Note: This wikipage is still very incomplete. I will be adding and polishing its parts for a long time now. As long as this message remains, I will be in this stage.

(Not So) Personal Info

Username: thebmw
Real Name: Brennen M. Weand (hence my username)
Avatar: N/A
Joined: October 1st, 2007
Retired: N/A
Total Posts: 252
Location: Annville, Pennsylvania (United States)


The following information is considered a history of my accomplishments. You will find some useful information on the status of songs by searching for the songs tier, and then the actual song. Statuses are listed to the right of the song name. Please note that all statuses are very simplified, usually saying "FC", "Overstrum" (this implies a 100% with one or more overstrums), etc. If you're looking for a specific song/game, use the glossary located at the top of the page. Finally, my scores submitted to ScoreHero can be found by clicking on the appropriate game title, found at the top of that game's accomplishments.

Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock - Hard

(Last Update: 6:40 P.M. EST on August 22, 2008)

System Rank (Xbox 360): 93th
Global Rank: 221st

Pass: 70 of 70
image: 70 of 70
image: 69 of 70
image: 54
image: 3
100%: 56 of 50
Known FCs: 55 of 70
image: 0
Total Score: 18,300,448

Song Status
Slow Ride FC
Talk Dirty to Me FC
Hit Me With Your Best Shot FC
Story of My Life FC
Rock and Roll All Nite FC
Sabotage FC
Mississippi Queen FC
School's Out FC
Sunshine of Your Love FC
Barracuda FC
Bulls on Parade FC
Reptilia FC
When You Were Young FC
Miss Murder FC
The Seeker FC
Lay Down FC
Paint It Black FC
Suck My Kiss FC
Paranoid FC
Anarcky In the U.K. FC
Kool Thing FC
My Name Is Jonas FC
Even Flow FC
Cities on Flame With Rock and Roll FC
Holiday In Cambodia FC
Rock You Like a Hurricane FC
Same Old Song and Dance FC
La Grange FC
Welcome to the Jungle FC
Helicopter FC
Black Magic Woman Unknown
Cherub Rock FC
Black Sunshine FC
The Metal FC
Pride and Joy FC
Monsters FC
Before I Forget FC
Stricken FC
3's and 7's Unknown
Knights of Cydonia Unknown
Cult of Personality FC
Raining Blood 6*!
Cliffs of Dover Unknown
Number of the Beast Unknown
One Unknown
Avalancha FC
In the Belly of a Shark FC
Can't Be Saved FC
Closer FC
Don't Hold Back FC
Down 'N Dirty Unknown
F.C.P.R.E.M.I.X. Unknown
Generation Rock FC
Go That Far FC
Hier Kommt Alex FC
I'm in the Band Overstrum
Impulse FC
In Love FC
Mauvais Garcon FC
Metal Heavy Lady FC
Minus Celsius FC
My Curse FC
Nothing for Me Here Unknown
Prayer of the Refugee FC
Radio Song FC
Ruby FC
She Bangs the Drums FC
Take This Life 6*!
The Way It Ends 6*!
Through the Fire and Flames 5*!

Downloaded Songs:
All My Life Unknown
The Pretender Unknown
This is a Call Unknown
Slither Unknown
She Builds Quick Machines Unknown
Messages FC
Tom Morello Guitar Battle Unknown
Slash Guitar Battle Unknown
The Devil Went Down to Georgia Unknown
Halo Theme Mjolnir Mix Unknown
Ernten Was Wir Saen Unknown
We Three Kings Unknown
Famous for Nothing FC
(F)lannigan's Ball Unknown
Johnny, I Hardly Knew Ya Unknown
Exo-Politics Unknown
Stockholm Syndrome FC
Super Massive Black Hole Unknown
Surfing With the Alien Unknown
For the Love of God Unknown
Soothsayer Unknown
Heroes of Our Time Unknown
Operation Ground and Pound Unknown
Revolution Deathsquad Unknown

Guitar Hero 2 - Hard

Guitar Hero: Aerosmith - Hard

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