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Hello, I'm tidus (of course it's not my true name, I'm too shy show it now :/), and I'm a 19 year old Dualshock player from Brazil.

Generally, I'm an all-around GH player, playing all of the GH's, mostly on Hard. I play sometimes on Expert too, but generally to compilate FC's (hence the love for the Hard difficulty). I have some proud accomplishments to date, but I'm starting just now my Wiki account, so the building of this page is still in progress.

{historic soon, as well as accomplishments, and the brief platform changing. Still need some time to learn the formatting mechanics.}

I mostly walk around the GH side of the SH forums. I consider that I had a pretty bad beginning on the forums, after passing most of the time trying to make a number for myself on the Co-op Leaderboards. Generally I use avatars with the girls from Final Fantasy X and X-2, and other characters from these games (my username should make it obvious, and reduces the chances of not being called a girl). Easily, most of my forum activity is found on the Accomplishments threads. I always find a way of supporting the players, mostly those who have identical skill level/style/difficulty preferences. Sometimes I also hang on the RB side, despite the current unability of playing RB. However, I use what I saw from the game to have some knowledge, and I send my support there too.

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