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Vaultitup as a Person

Whats up guys....vaultitup here. I would like to think im pretty well known in the scorehero community lol. If I am thats great if im not oh well. Im 18 years old in the awesome state of Minnesota. I play Guitar Hero (all) and both rock bands. Been leaning towards rock band lately getting pretty good at the drums.

Vaultitup On Scorehero

On Scorehero i just recently reached my 500th post not to long ago so that was a great accomp. I usually team up with other scorehero member Vampire-Jekyll who is pretty damn good on the dualshock. Check him out in the dualshock accomp thread. We got influenced by SArmstr0ng to make EPIC videos. They are pretty good with one even featuring SArmstr0ng himself! Check out our vids at

Me and Vampire-jekyll we featured on Episode an episode of the Starpower Podcast. Episode 10: Unorthadox Methods discussing vampires dualshock skills

Vaultitup in The GH and RB Community

Well whenever tournys come around here you can usually find me and vampire at them. Weve been to 3 GH tourneys and a Rock band one. Of course we won the rock band tourney and won tickets to a badass concert.

But the highlight of the GH and RB community events was KOVMACHINEFEST. It was an epic night in Minneapolis of Rock band and custom guitar hero meeting such greats as toymachine, Kov, JR626, Joerod, rkcr and many many more

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