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Hi! I'm XxTimetoKillxX, an average dude on the SH forums, and often score submitter. My actual name is Cody, and I live in a small town called Beachwood, in Southern New Jersey.

Guitar Hero History

I was first introduced to Guitar Hero the day GH2 was released. My brothers friend brought it over. At the time I was just getting the hang of fretting and strumming at the same time. I played for a few weeks on easy before I noticed that you don't have to hold down the strum bar when you hit a note. I had no idea what a hammer on was till I started playing expert on GH3. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Anyways I started out on easy, not really playing the career. I just played the few songs that I liked in the game on Quickplay. At some point I totally forgot about Guitar Hero, and got lost in WoW for about a year. Then my brother's friend came AGAIN with GH3. At this point I could easily play Medium, but I preferred Easy. After a few weeks of that, I finally passed TTFAF on Easy. After about a month or two my brother's friend left us with GH2 and took GH3 with him.....

After grinding Guitar Hero songs everyday, I worked myself up to my brother's level (Hard), and he was amazed because he thought I would never be as good as him at it (considering him being probably the best WoW player in the entire world at the time ( and by best I mean skill not gear), Below, or Claws as he was called back then.). So back on topic, I went through hard mode on the actual career and got stuck on Psychobilly freakout. I eventually beat it by just seconds from failing, and the rest of the songs were no problem. Once I beat the career I occasionally played GH2 on Hard.....until....

My cousin also had GH3 and he brought it over, he was about the same skill level as me. For laughs, we both PFOed on TTFAF Expert. We got the idea from a coop vid of TTFAF we saw in which the players were the first to break 1 mill on TTFAF. In the ends our scores didn't even break 200k, but I was victorious. This inspired me to play TTFAF on Hard until I could pass it. That happened only less than a week later. As soon as this instance occured, I played Slow Ride on Expert and 5 starred it on Sightread. It was on, I was barreling through expert career like a bat outta hell. My family was amazed at my fast fingers and strumming on expert. A milestone for me was 5 starring Cult of Personality, which became my favorite song to play. I eventually became stuck on Raining Blood, I decided that the Mosh was impossible, even when I did get Star Power (which was lucky), I would still need to be in total green at the start of it. i went back and 5 starred every song except NotB, CoD, and One....

In August of 08, after passing Raining Blood one morning, thanks to a thread on Scorehero saying to use Hyperspeed to pass Raining Blood, I joined Scorehero. After that I became a GH addict and decided I would never stop until I was number one in the world, and that hasn't happened yet, so I'm still playing, grinding out those Fcs, one of my greatest achievements to date, is a Free Bird fc, out of my probably 200 total FCs, not including Aerosmith or the DS.

My Banners.

Oh right, I can't show you my banners because Photobucket says they violate their terms of use, and they get insta-banned, thanks photofucket! (Thats not a typo)

Guitar God GH1
Free Bird XFC
Bad Reputation XFC
Guitar God GH2
Guitar God GH:80s
Stricken XFC
3s and 7s XFC
Black Sunshine XFC
Guitar God GH3
Pride and Joy XFC
The Metal XFC
Rock and Roll all Nite XFC
Same old Song and Dance XFC
X Guitarist.

Rock Band banners

Expert Multi-Instrumentalist
Platinum Guitarist.

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