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Gibson Les Paul

Les Paul
The Gibson Les Paul controller and its real life counterpart. (Scaled)

The Gibson Les Paul was the official guitar controller released for use with Game_GuitarHeroIIILegendsOfRock Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock and Game_GuitarHeroAerosmith Guitar Hero: Aerosmith. There are versions of the Les Paul for the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and Nintendo Wii.

The Gibson Les Paul sported the standard five colored frets, a strum bar, a whammy bar, a tilt sensor, and start/select buttons. All Les Pauls feature a detachable neck for easier transportation and a removable face plate guitar customization. The start/select buttons on this model were set into the guitar, making it harder to accidentally hit these buttons while playing.

Additionally, each version of the Les Paul includes special features for each console. For the 360, it features a D-Pad for navigation and a 360 button. For the PS3, it has a D-Pad and a PS3 button. For the Wii, one actually inserts a Wii Remote into the guitar, which provides many features such as vibration, noises from the guitar, and all the navigation buttons.

The Les Paul connects differently to each console. For the 360, it connects wirelessly. For the PS3, it is wireless but a separate dongle must be attached to the PS3. For the Wii, it uses the Wii Remote to connect to the console.


While the Les Paul is the guitar of choice for many next-gen gamers, there have been some criticisms of the guitar due to the neck connection and the way it works. Due to it being contact points and not a plug, there are many reports of buttons refusing to register or letting go mid-note, dropping holds and combos. There are various remedies for this problem, all of which can be found in User_BriGuy BriGuy's Guitar Modding 101 thread.

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