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Guitar Hero File Formats

The Guitar Hero games preceding Guitar Hero 3 (programmed by Harmonix) use a fairly standard midi file format (documented on this page). A version of this format is also used in later Harmonix games such as Game_RockBand Rock Band.

Game_GuitarHeroIIILegendsOfRock Guitar Hero 3 and later (programmed by NeverSoft) use a proprietary file format generally referred to as QB files. QB files share much in common with the files from other NeverSoft games such as the Tony Hawk series.

The DS versions of Guitar Hero, Game_GuitarHeroOnTour Guitar Hero: On Tour and Game_GuitarHeroOnTourDecades Guitar Hero: On Tour - Decades appear to use a simplified version of the QB file format.

Not much is known about the file format used in the mobile version of Guitar Hero III.

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