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Psychodelic Byrds is a PS3 band that was formed out of the ashes of Average White Guy. It consists of:

Vocalist: Kuznagi (PSN: kuznagi)
Guitarist: usernameNA (PSN: usernameNA)
Bassist: Ouzo (PSN: Eonouzo)
Drummer: mnwildguy24 (PSN: mnwild_guy24)



Psychodelic Byrds was formed by singer Kuznagi on December 1st, but their first session was on November 25th. On November 12th the guitarist for AWG mysteriously disappeared, so after two weeks Kuznagi decided to look for a new replacement. He had a few possibilities but ended up deciding with mnwildguy24. The band felt that given his multi-instrument talents, common time zone, and attitude, he would be the best fit to replace squidy. With that change, usernameNA changed to be the new permanent guitarist.

Highlight of Accomplishments
-On December 14th the band topped the PS3 leaderboards with 137.8 million.
-On December 21st the band hit its next milestone of getting 84/84 Gold Stars with a good Visions run, and having a total score of 140.1 million, their main competition is the XBox360 band Bread Michaels Band.
-On January 9, PB became the top all-console band for Rock Band 2 with a score of 142.6 million.
-On January 18, PB was the first band to hit 144million, currently the band cap is 148 million.
-On January 27, PB was the first band to hit 145 million, currently the band cap is 148.5 million.
-On February 10, PB was the first band to hit 146 million, currently the band cap is 148.9 million.
-On February 24, PB was the first band to hit 147 million, currently the band cap is 149.1 million.
-On March 26, PB officially retires from competitive play at 147.5 million points, with the band cap at 149.9 million. The official reason from their accomplishment thread:

Yes, you heard correct. After 5 months of grinding away at the setlist and 147.5 million points later, we're retiring from competitive play to focus on other projects, real life and RB related. It's been a crazy ride, with many ups and downs, but we're happy with where we are and what we've accomplished. We plan to finish out the FB DLC whore rivalry and will have two final streaming sessions March 31st and April 7th or 9th. We will also be working towards something big we've been keeping secret for a while...

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