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imageThe 2 competitive multiplayer modes seen in Rock Band are both returning pretty much the same as you will remember them. These can be played either locally on the same console, or over Xbox Live in a Player Match or Ranked Match. Player matches do not count towards your record, and allow you to choose both your opponent and song. Ranked matches will assign you both a random player and song. One nice minor addition is the choice to automatically search for a new match after completing your current match without having to reenter all your settings. In Score Duel mode, both players play through the full chart of the song and the player with the higher score at the end wins. Tug of War mode has the two players alternating between playing different sections of the chart. As you play an arrow will move closer to your side of the meter depending on how well you are playing. Whoever has the arrow on their side at the end of the match wins. Another major update to these modes comes in the form of better notification that a player has left the match during a ranked match. In the original game, a player could quit the song early without any penalty, this lead to the perception that it was virtually impossible to actually finish a ranked match without the other person quitting and also made the ranked match specific achievements pretty tough to actually get. In Rock Band 2, quitters are slapped with the loss that they deserve and the game tells you to enjoy your easy victory, now maybe ranked matches will actually be entertaining to play.

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