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imageIn Quickplay you won't unlock any new songs or gain fans or money for your band, it's simply there as a quick way to play the songs you've got. Quickplay is split into two sections: solo and band. Solo tracks your highest scores separately for each instrument (except for bass - sorry bass players), and band quickplay allows you to bring in other characters either locally or online and tracks your highest multiplayer score for each song (across all band combinations together).

Naturally in quickplay, the most important factor is quickness in navigating through the menus and getting into the action as soon as possible. In RB1, as the amount of DLC continued to grow, so did the pain to scroll through hundreds of songs. It even got to the point where many people had memorized which sorting options has certain songs closer to the top in order to avoid unnecessary scroll-time.

Rest assured Harmonix has vastly improved the song selection interface to easily accomodate the seemingly huge list of songs and ensure that it's scalable for the future, considering that 500+ songs will be available by the end of the year. Now in RB2, after sorting the songs by difficulty, song, band, genre, decade, or location (RB1/RB2/DLC), you can not only browse the song list, but you can browse the categories to painlessly skip around the list.

Another very nice addition is the ability to create your own setlists of up to 100 songs. You cannot save the setlists for later use, but it's often useful to select your songs ahead of time for a nice uninterrupted playing session. Also worth noting is that the "random song" selection is still available.

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