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In Rock Band 3, your main career progress is based on your completion of goals provided by the game. Completion of any goal will reward you with fans, and may also unlock new clothing or equipment to customize your characters with. One exception to this is the Guitar Immortal goal which unlocks the ability to play keyboard parts on guitar outside of all instruments mode. Any playing that you do will count towards your goal progress, whether it is solo play or with a band, in quickplay or road challenges, and local or online. By accessing the goals menu under the career tab, you can see how many goals you have completed for each instrument or main category. Upon selecting a main category, goals are broken down further into subcategories. Once in the subcategory menu you can view the requirements for each goal as well as your progress towards unlocking that goal. For many goals you may select you can click the goal and it will immediately take you to the corresponding trainer section, or to a setlist of songs that need to be played in order to fulfill the goal. Additional goals may appear as you add downloaded songs to your collection or export other Rock Band titles into your library. These may range from relatively simple goals (5 starring any downloaded Queen song on vocals), to obscure, (4 starring any 3 Rock Band Network tracks by Alias Unknown, MC Frontalot or Hyro da Hero) to absolutely insane (Complete any 1000 downloaded songs). Although the game will only display goals that are possible for you to complete with your current song library, you may view goals that you do not own songs for on after linking your game to your account. There are currently nearly 800 goals available in the game. It is unknown if there may be more downloaded song goals added down the line or not.

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