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Practice Mode

Practice mode in Rock Band 3 works mostly the same as in Rock Band 2, although with a couple of changes that unfortunately make it slightly less useful for learning difficult parts. As with previous Rock Band installments, you are able to select a single section or range of sections to work play in practice mode which will repeatedly loop. While in the past you were able to slow sections down anywhere from 100% to 50% speed in 10% increments, the 50% and 60% options have been removed in Rock Band 3. In addition to this, breakneck speed does not function in practice mode. This is a particularly large issue when it comes to more complex solos on pro guitar, where the fret numbers are nearly impossible to read.

On the bright side, the improvements made to vocal practice mode in The Beatles: Rock Band have been carried over to Rock Band 3. Unlike in Rock Band 2 where vocals practice mode only allowed you to play the entire song on loop, you are actually able to select sections of the song just like on any other instrument. On top of this there is the guide pitch feature which can be toggled on or off, and plays a synth tone over the vocal track so that you can hear the exact pitches that the game expects you to sing. This guide pitch can be set to play any part of the harmony chart in songs where harmonies are present.
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