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Lives in: England
Gamertag: Dark Lord RyNo
Primarily Plays: Guitar Hero 3 Expert
GH3X FCs: 55
Favourite Accomplishment: Either CoP, CoD, KoC or NfmH FCs

FC List


FCs So Far (In Order)
1: Dream Police
2: All the Young Dudes
3: Make it
4: Uncle Salty
5: Draw the Line
6: All day and all of the Night
7: I Hate Myself for Loving You
8: No Surprize
9: Complete Control
10: Movin Out
11: Sweet Emotion
12: Personality Crisis
13: Livin on the Edge
14: Rag Doll
15: Kings and Queens
16: She Sells Sanctuary
17: Always on the Run
18: Toys in the Attic
19: Dream On
20: Sex Type Thing
21: Hard to Handle
22: Bright Light Fright
23: Pandora's Box
24: Pink (1st Place!)
25: Cat Scratch Fever
26: Joe Perry Guitar Battle


FCs So Far(In Order):
1: Closer
2: Mississipi Queen
3: When You Were Young
4: Generation Rock
5: Metal Heavy Lady
6: Radio Song
7: Slow Ride
8: Bulls on Parade
9: Story of My Life
10: Ruby
11: Talk Dirty to Me
12: Lay Down
13: My Name is Jonas
14: Sunshine of Your Love
15: Paranoid
16: School's Out
17: Sabotage
18: Hit Me With Your Best Shot
19: Miss Murder
20: Barracuda
21: Paint It Black
22: Minus Celcius
23: Even Flow
24: La Grange
25: Anarchy in the UK (At Last)
26: Go That Far
27: 3s & 7s
28: Can't Be Saved
29: Reptillia
30: Kool Thing
31: Avalancha
32: Rock You Like a Hurricane
33: The Metal
34: Same old Song and Dance
35: Welcome to the Jungle (Dream come true :P)
36: She Bangs the Drums
37: In the Belly of a Shark
38: Helicopter
39: Prayer of the Refugee
40: Pride and Joy (In Pro Face Off)
41: I'm in the Band (Crap SP)
42: In Love
43: Cities on Flame with Rock and Roll
44: Stricken!! ^^
45: The Seeker (About Time :P)
46: Before I Forget!
47: Down N Dirty
48: Knights of Cydonia!! OMG!
49: Rock and Roll All Night
50: Hier Kommt Alex
51: Black Sunshine
52: Cliffs of Dover!
53: My Curse ^_^
54: Nothing for me Here - YES!
55: Cult of Personality


Summer 2007: Buys Guitar Hero 2 from ebay, it arrives the next morning.
The Next Day: Has finished medium career.
A few days later: Has done most of hard career and 5 starred all of medium.
A few days later: Finished hard career. Tries expert, but it's far too hard.
August 23rd 2007: Joins Scorehero. Doesn't post.
A couple of weeks later: Still can't do expert, gives up.
November 2007: People are round and we decide to play guitar hero as a laugh. I jokingly decide to play expert to show them how stupidly hard it is. I PASS THE SONG.
A few days later: Expert career completed.
End of 2007/Start of 2008: Buys GH3.
The Next Day: Expert career completed.
January 18th 2008: Earliest recorded scorehero post. Talks about not being able to pass TTFAF. 5 stars on first 6 tiers.
January 19th 2008: Attains 10 Expert FCs.
January 28th 2008: Nearly Passes TTFAF. Attains 15 Expert FCs.
February 9th 2008: Gets back from Holiday. 5 stars on One. Only Raining Blood left for El Jefe.
February 13th 2008: Passes TTFAF first try of the day. Score = 354,857
Februarys 16th 2008: Anarachy in the UK 100% (Overstrum) nets me Enlightened Guitarist achievement.
March 13th 2008: FCs Go That Far 3 times in one day for Leagues. Hasn't played that song since.
March 14th 2008: FCs 3s & 7s. The first of my "High Level" FCs.
March 16th 2008: Passes DWDTG at last. Score = 295,432
March 20th 2008: Crowned Season 8 AA-3 League Champion!
Later that day: Raining Blood 5 Star! EL JEFE IS MINE!
April 5th 2008: A random awesome run results in a Rock You Like a Hurricane FC!
April 23rd 2008: FCing Welcome to the Jungle brings me to 35/70 FCs. Half the game!
April 24th 2008: New Recorded TTFAF High Score = 480k
April 26th 2008: New TTFAF High Score = 512,815
May 2nd 2008: TTFAF Small Improvement = 513,614
May 3rd 2008: Plays PFO Online. FCs Pride and Joy. My first FC in an online match and my first P&J FC!
May 4th 2008: League Season 9 Begin! 5 Star TWiE, leaving only TTFAF to 5 star out of the on-disk songs.
May 23rd 2008: Stricken FC marks the first time I use Tapping to FC a song.
June 1st 2008: TTFAF FIVE STARS!! New Score = 560,447
June 2nd 2008: Decides to try Victory Solo K. After a couple of hours I can hit it on slow about 1 in 5 times.
June 3rd 2008: Can hit VSK on Slow easily. Hit it on Full Speed a few times. New TTFAF High Score = 585,112
Before I Forget FC! That's the first and only time i've ever hit the whole bridge :P
June 10th 2008: Squeezes Generation Rock to 280,502. 7th place all systems. My first major good squeeze.
Later that day: Figures out the trick to Victory Solo K. Is pretty consistant on full speed!
June 26th 2008: Day 1 of GH:Aerosmith. 5 stars all setlist on sightread except TKaR which I got 3rd try. And I blame not having hyperspeed for that.
June 27th 2008: Day 2 of GH:A. Now has 18 FCs in it <_<
July 3rd 2008: FCs Pink on GH:A. FIRST PLACE SCORE.
July 5th 2008: Massive win. Whilst waiting to lose to Ukog in a WCG qualifier, I get 611k on TTFAF and FC KNIGHTS OF CYDONIA! TTFAF new high score = 611,843
July 7th 2008: Comes home to find out my Pink 1st place is lost. A couple of runs later, it's mine again :P
July 8th 2008: Again, my 1st place is stolen. BUT NOT FOR LONG! I regain 1st in no time at all.
July 10th 2008: I squeeze Dream On. Manage to get 2nd place with just 4 points behind Bj0rn, the master squeezer. This 2nd place all systems holds to this very day.
August 8th 2008: My Xbox RRODs. Disaster!
August 12th 2008: I get a new Xbox. FC all the solos in CoP. I reckon I can get the FC.
August 13th 2008: Cliffs of Dover FC! After 3 One Last Solo chokes I finally get my favourite FC to date.
August 18th 2008: I load up GH2 again for a laugh. 3 runs later, Jordan 5 star. Oh yeah I rule.
August 19th 2008: Awesome TTFAF run brings my high score to 651,523 where it remains to this day.
August 24th 2008: I get the new Dragonforce DLC. 5*s on OGaP and RD on sightread. HoT took 3 goes. I reckon I can get 750k on OGaP.
August 27th 2008: New OGaP high score of 732,051
August 31st 2008: Decide to take a break. Have been playing shit all week.
September 10th 2008: Played GH:A some more and finally get the Joe Perry Guitar Battle FC! Winnar!
September 23rd 2008: Come back to GH again. Am ridiculously close to FCing CoP. Also, finally slay the beast that is Nothing for me Here. FC #54 and most recent.
September 25th 2008: With a little practice, I get the long overdue DWDTG 5 star.
September 28th 2008: Finally get the OGaP 750k! Score = 757,456
October 7th 2008: Cult of Personality FC! Jesus Fingers day, I was playing perfectly. All GH3 goals complete. Just chilling now til WT comes out.

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