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  1. Basic info
  2. Games owned
  3. Upcoming games/wishlist
  4. Hardware owned
  5. Current skill level
  6. DLC owned
  1. Random Favourites
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Basic info:

Name: Nick
XBox gamertag: Sepultallica9
Quick bio: 26, from Melbourne, Australia. Rock Band is my favourite game of the GH/RB series' so far. The last two GH games (GH:A and GH:WT) have been pretty horrible to be honest... so bring on Rock Band 2!

Games owned:

Upcoming games/wishlist:

Hardware owned:

Current skill level:

Guitar Expert for the most part... depending on the song and game
Bass expert
Drums hard
Vocals easy (mainly because I barely ever sing)

DLC owned:

Rock Band:
(bundled with UK version)
Guitar Hero II:
Guitar Hero III:
Guitar Hero: World Tour:

Random Favourites:

(idea stolen from Sully.... thanks man!)

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