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Drum Career14,426,526
83/84 Songs Complete
65 GS's, 25 FC's
Vocal Career17,072,988
84/84 Songs Complete
84 GS's, 78 FC's
Guitar Career3,834,956
33/84 Songs Complete
18 GS's, 11 FC's
Bass Career3,283,900
27/84 Songs Complete
27 GS's, 23 FC's
Total Career38,618,370
227/336 Songs Complete
194 GS's, 137 FC's
About Me

My name is Aaron M. DePonceau. I am a 21 year old senior attending Carnegie Mellon University. During my last semester I am finishing up my dual majors in Mathematics and Statistics. I am currently awaiting my scores for my second Acturial test so I can begin applying to work in an actuary firm.

I have 2 sisters, both younger than me. My parents are currently divorced. My mother lives in my hometown of Buffalo, NY. My father lives just outside Kansas City, KS. I am involved in a serious relationship that has recently passed 5 years. This has included some long distance due to the fact she is younger than me and I went away to school.

Throughout my schooling I have been involved in many sports. I played baseball, basketball, swam during my younger years. I was a varsity wrestler throughout high school, where I also attempted to play tennis, but that was shortlived. At college I am on my school's Club Ultimate frisbee team, and I love it. I am always up to date on sports news and I am a lifetime Buffalo Sabres and Buffalo Bills fans, no matter how hard it is to be a fan of either team. I follow a few shows on TV pretty well: House, How I Met Your Mother, Chuck, Big Bang Theory, Entourage, and most recently Lost. I would recommend each one of these shows to you. I love any kind of puzzles, word or picture, and number games. I also love to ski, and spent last winter in both Quebec and France on trips to the mountain.

Rock Band

Throughout my entire life I have had an addictive personality. I have gone through numerous phases of games that I have gotten addicted to. I was an avid Diablo II played throughout middle school. During high school I was a fairly notable person in the Y!Pool community, where I created and ran numerous online pool leagues. This continued for about a year into college. Almost exactly 1 year ago today, January 6th, 2009, I picked up a GH controller for the very first time. I was completely horrible, but I loved it. It took me three weeks to pass "One" on easy from GH3.

In mid-March my roommate and I decided to spring for Rock Band. I continued my guitar ways, starting at hard difficulty. As I advanced to expert, my roommate no longer wanted to be our drummer, so I began to work my way up, starting on easy career of course. About 4 weeks later I took the jump to expert, and struggled every bit of the way. In June, 2008 blingdomepiece created a thread entitled "March to 10 Million". I was intrigued and suddenly was determined to hit that mark on my own. It took me about 3 months of a lot of effort, but I succeeded. Now about 8 months after I begin drumming, I am a fairly decent expert drummer.

In August 2008 I begin my vocal efforts. This went just as bad as guitar and drums at first, but I was able to climb to almost 9 million on hard within a couple months. I switched to expert on release day for RB2 and after a bit of effort I am inching close to the 84/84 FC mark. I am determined to FC every song, including DLC on vocals within a couple months. I currently stand slightly over 200, with more than 200 songs unattempted.

Solo Careers

Coming Soon...



Interrobang's History

Interrobang was originally formed on June 12th, 2008 with the lineup:
Drums: internetguy87
Vocals: woozerkristen
Bass: MAYRAluvsYA
Guitar: beingmused

We were formed purely as a casual band with very little DLC. As time went on we begin concentrating more and more on DLC. We decided to meet 2 set times per week, with other possibilities if we wanted. At this time, all 4 of us were new to band competition, and we played purely for fun without much interest in climbing the leaderboards, and more interest in just playing as many songs as possible.

During mid-August Mayra got offered a great job and moved away from her hometown. Due to personal reasons she decided to leave the band and we persued a new member. On August 30th, 2008 the new, and current band lineup was formed:
Drums: internetguy87
Vocals: woozerkristen
Bass: beingmused
Guitar: Sixen

It was at this time we decided to become a pure DLC band, and also started our way to become a DLC Whore band. When Rock Band 2 came out, we began our first true competitive session. Our bassist learned how to path, and shared his knowledge with me, and we worked our way up to a temporary position atop the PS3 leaderboards. Due to my recent leg surgery we have taken a hiatus but plan to fight our way back shortly

Rock Band 1

When Interrobang was formed we decided we would be a very casual band. As time passed we became more aggressive, but we knew the upcoming release of Rock Band 2 would leave the Rock Band 1 boards almost meaningless so the time spent on Rock Band 1 songs was limited, and completely unpathed. With the lineup including MAYRA we finished with 43 out of 58 GS's and a career score of 78 million. We only played 3 songs with Sixen in our lineup.

Rock Band 2

When Rock Band 2 was released we instantly became much more competitive. During our first 2 months we climbed up to the number 1 spot, sadly due partly to the devastating lost of Squidy. With my recent leg surgery we have been on a hiatus, but will beginning extremely soon to begin reworking on songs. Our current stats are as follows:

Rock Band 2 Setlist
Songs Passed: 84 of 84
2-Stars: 84 of 84
3-Stars: 84 of 84
4-Stars: 84 of 84
5-Stars: 84 of 84
6-Stars: 81 of 84
100%: 15 of 84
Total Score: 136,218,072
Overall Rank: 2nd
Rock Band 1 Imports
Songs Passed: 31 of 55
2-Stars: 31 of 55
3-Stars: 31 of 55
4-Stars: 31 of 55
5-Stars: 31 of 55
6-Stars: 30 of 55
100%: 2 of 55
Total Score: 44,344,771
Overall Rank: 2nd
Downloaded Songs
Songs Passed: 118 of 379
2-Stars: 118 of 379
3-Stars: 118 of 379
4-Stars: 118 of 379
5-Stars: 117 of 379
6-Stars: 116 of 379
100%: 3 of 379
Total Score: 175,336,947
Overall Rank: 2nd

My only current solo rivalry is the 300million/1500/1000 rivalry. This is one of the most in depth and time consuming rivalries ever made on scorehero. While there are numerous players who track there scores the main rivalry is with my bandmate, beingmused. The goal is to claim 2 out of the 3 titles: 300 million solo points, 1500 solo GS's, 1000 100%'s. All are restricted to solo instruments only. The most interesting feature of this rivalry is I am strongest at drums and vocals, while my competitor is much stronger at guitar and bass. While it seems like I have an advantage, his drumming skills are superior to my guitar skills, thus it should be very interesting down the strech.

As of January 8th, 2009 the current standings are:
Beingmused: 189.7 Million, 848 GS, 446 100% with 1235 songs played
Myself: 150.2 Million, 720 GS, 424 100% with 908 songs played

It is obvious I need to get cracking on playing songs more =).

RB2 Song Ranking
Compare with Brian!
(Mostly based purely on sound, slight bearing based on chart)

84. Welcome to the Neighboorhood
83. Mountain Song
82. Uncontrollable Urge
81. Ace of Spades '08
80. Teenage Riot
79. Drain You
78. Testify
77. Pump It Up
76. Visions
75. Rebel Girl
74. So What'cha Want
73. We Got The Beat
72. Shoulder to the Plow
71. Where'd You Go
70. Hello There
69. Kids in America
68. One Way or Another
67. Eye of the Tiger
66. Bad Reputation
65. Psycho Killer
64. Pretend We're Dead
63. I Was Wrong
62. Man in the Box
61. Round and Round
60. A Jagged Gorgeous Winter
59. New Kid in School
58. PDA
57. Souls of Black
56. Battery
55. Nine in the Afternoon
54. My Own Worse Enemy
53. Give It Away
52. Let There Be Rock
51. Cool for Cats
50. Lazy Eye
49. One Step Closer
48. That's What You Get
47. The Middle
46. Feel the Pain
45. De-Luxe
44. Alive
43. American Woman
42. Supreme Girl
41. Get Clean
40. Spirit in the Sky
39. Hungry Like The Wolf
38. Float On
37. White Wedding (Part I)
36. Rock'n Me
35. E-Pro
34. Come Out And Play (Keep Em Separated)
33. Painkiller
32. Ramblin Man
31. Colony of Birchman
30. Alex Chilton
29. Anyway You Want It
28. Girl's Not Grey
27. Peace Sells
26. Go Your Own Way
25. Chop Suey
24. Almost Easy
23. Living On A Prayer
22. Carry on Wayward Son
21. Aqualung
20. Lump
19. Conventional Lover
18. Down With The Sickness
17. Rob The Prez-O-Dent
16. Bodhisattva
15. Our Truth
14. Night Lies
13. Give It All
12. Shackler's Revenge
11. Alabama Getaway
10. You Oughta Know
9. Shooting Star
8. Spoonman
7. Master Exploder
6. Pinball Wizard
5. Today
4. Panic Attack
3. Everlong
2. The Trees
1. Tangled Up In Blue

Random Ass List of Songs I Would Like in RB Soon!
I May Go A Bit Overboard Here=)
- Bohemian Rhapsody, Queen
- Black Parade, My Chemical Romance
- Freebird, Lynyrd Skynyrd
- Beautiful Day, U2
- Push, Matchbox 20
- Superhero, Jane's Addiction
- Save Tonight, Eagle Eye Cherry
- Turn The Page, Metallica
- Night Moves, Bob Seger
- Hurricane, Bob Dylan
- Blinded By The Light, Manfred Mann
- Grade Nine, Barenaked Ladies
- Hemmorage, Fuel
- Head Over Feet, Alanis Morissette
- Magic Carpet Ride, Steppenwolf
- The Distance, Cake
- Fix You, Coldplay
- Let Go, Frou Frou
- Name, Goo Goo Dolls
- Butterfly, Crazy Train
- Bullet With Butterfly Wings, Smashing Pumpkins
- Losing My Religion, R.E.M.

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